Duferco Refractories activities began in 1999, encouraged by the specific requirement for refractory products within the steel plants of the Duferco Group. Duferco Refractories products are manufactured in China, which is the main and most competitive source of raw materials for the refractories industry. The products are manufactured in carefully selected plants, which specialize in a specific group or family of products. All of the proposed grades have been intensively tested in the steel plants of the Duferco Group before being made available to the open market, allowing Duferco Refractories to understand thoroughly the true potential of each product.

Co-operation with a leading Chinese University, which specializes in ceramic and refractory material technology, enables continuous research on existing and new products. Duferco Refractories have continued to co-operate with the same Chinese manufacturers since the inception of its activities. This results in the creation of extremely strong alliances which include capital investment; as well as technical, financial and commercial agreements. This wide ranging co-operation guarantees the production of refractory products with a stable and homogeneous quality, one of the main demands of steel producers. Duferco Refractories Beijing office has several ceramic engineers responsible for product quality control. They are seconded to the production plants and have a direct link with the Lugano head office. All of the Duferco plants in China are ISO 9001:2008 certified, as well as the Duferco Refractories business unit. Quality is the key element in the refractory world and everyone in Duferco Refractories is committed to it.

Today, Duferco Refractories offers a complete range of products that meets the full requirements of the steel-makers. It includes products for ladles, electric arc furnaces, converters, degassing units, torpedo cars and continuous-casting machines. More specifically, Duferco Refractories can produce resin bonded MgO-C and AMC bricks in both standard and special shapes; MgO-Cr, fired MgO, AGS and Alumina bricks; plus a complete line of slide-gate and isostatic flow control refractories. For the cement & lime industries Duferco Refractories can also offer high quality products for both the rotary kiln and the static areas of the plant. An extensive range of basic and alumino-silicate qualities with the ability and flexibility to produce both the standard ISO & VDZ series and also special shapes, if required. Recently, Duferco Refractories proposed an innovative slide gate system for the ladle which proved to be a strong, simple and reliable mechanism to use. Good logistics, including the creation of material stocks for all industries in the main market areas, guarantees prompt and punctual deliveries to the client.

An efficient technical service, provided in every country where Duferco Refractories has a presence, ensures a continuous follow up of the materials supplied. An experienced team of engineers is readily available to deal with any queries which clients may have. Duferco Refractories, with years of success and experience, represents for the refractory users a reliable and complete alternative for their requirements.

AR 2014

The sales of refractory products went well last year. The brand Duferco Refractories is becoming increasingly renowned in the steel and cement industry. Both market share and customer portfolio have grown.

The marketing strategy, combining competitive prices, reliable logistics and professional technical assistance, seems to be appreciated by our clientele.

We continue to expand our business, seeking new customers and introducing our products in new market sectors.

We endeavour to create a long-term sustainable business structure, enabling Duferco to become a strategic partner of a number of refractory customers.



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