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Duferco logistics handles worldwide logistics for the Duferco Group

Duferco Logistics covers worldwide logistic requirements and contractual agreements with ports and inland terminals, including river barging fixtures, container bookings, warehousing for distribution, cargo surveys, rail, truck and air carriages.

Constantly watching the market and looking for new logistic partners to improve efficient operative solutions,

Duferco Logistics also looks to consolidate relationships with strategic logistic partners. Duferco Logistics implements a strategic vision coherent with the Group business model.

The targets are to pursue an important cost-saving policy, to guarantee service quality and drastically reduce damages and claims, while providing multimodal supply chain management and efficient door-to-door logistical services.

New markets and the fragmentation of shipment sizes forced developments in the container business. We have been able to call at more than 200 ports in 80 different countries. The key to achieving remarkable success is competitive freight rates for small parcels, shorter transit time and no risk of damages for sensitive foods.



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