Real Estate

Diversification in Belgium - Real Estate

The real estate branch of Duferco Wallonie is active in the reconversion of brownfields located in Wallonia (Belgium).

The main project is the reconversion of a former steel plant of 80 hectares located in Tubize.
The remediation work is well underway with roughly one-third of the soil cleaning being achieved.
As far as the development of economic activities is concerned, foreseen on 20 ha, a partnership was signed in May with the IBW (Intercommunale du Brabant Wallon), an inter-municipal company specializing, inter alia, in developing economic parks.

Besides the above, many contacts were established and further studies undertaken with real estate companies, allowing Duferco Wallonie to initiate the first procedure of securing permission for the construction of about 200 residential units (both houses and flats) in 2015.

All the activities associated with life in general (housing, economic activities, offices, trade, green areas etc.) will progressively develop on the old industrial area.

The development of the Saint Ghislain site has also made some progress.

Soil cleaning is now complete, awaiting final approval from the authorities, while regional approval for the housing project, accepted by the municipality, is pending.

Other projects are in progress at different levels in Charleroi, La Louvière and Flémalle.



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